Monday, 15 August 2016

Harvest time in the valley

Last night I went for a short drive round the valley to get some images of the crops before they were harvested, or in a couple of cases while they were being harvested.

It was also a chance to try out a 'standard' 50mm Nikon lens. I have very mixed feelings about this one, and I wonder if Nikon lens quality is actually normally a bit low as standard. The last 50 AFG that I had back at Christmas was nothing better than tolerable, and not a patch on the Sony/Minolta 50 1.4 I use with my Sony outfit despite being close in price. This one is an AFD model, and suffers bad chroma below f4, plus flares a lot when pointed at the sun. After 8 months with Nikon I've come to the conclusion that Minolta/Sony make better 'ordinary' lenses.

First 5 images with the 50 f1.8, last 2 with a Sanyang 85 f1.4 manual lens.

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