Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Your art is rubbish!

I seem to have become increasingly mono-oriented since late last year, possibly as a response to winter and a general lack of inspiring colours around. There has been an exception with the Joyful Woods series and I did process some of the North Devon work in colour, but those are an exception. To see my iamges have a look here.

Walking around the site here last week I came across some beds that were being thrown out, and seeing shapes just calling out for a mono treatment I had to grab the camera.

I also have a series from around the airbase, taken to at least partly document the changes to the site as building work progresses and more and more infrastructure is removed.

And then finally I managed to process some of the pictures taken back boxing day, when Chris and I went for a walk expecting to find a pub open, only to discover that everywhere was shut and so went hungry until we got home.

All pictures taken using a Nikon D610 and either manual 28mm 85mm and 135mm lenses or Nikon AFD 50 f1.8, basic processing in Lightroom and conversions in Nik Silver Efex and On1 Perfect Effects.

I hope this looks OK - Blogger and Flickr seem to refuse to play together well at the end of this slow connection, but apparently looks OK when viewed on other equipment. I've wondered if it's an attempt by Blogger to mae people upload their images instead of remote hosting, but I'm reluctant to do that except for those with minimal commercial value. *Just seen Blogger's embedding notice - I shall have to do something about that.

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